Stephanie CU

Dear Mom,

”Please! stay where you are”!You just don’t want to come to where I am.You would not be happy.There are servel reasons why you shouldn’t move to where I am

   First,you are not with your real family.You get seperated from them.”Maybe he had the same birth mother as you.”Gabrial (baby) maybe had the same birth mother as Jonas.That means that Gabrial and Jonas might be brothers.

     Second, there is no love or self choices for the way you want it.They even chose your family and job.”The feeling you described was your first stirring.”.You get strirring’s when you are going to turn twelve and have to take a pill to get rid of them.

       Finally, there is too much control in the community.”Jonas has been selected to been selected to be the next Reciver of Memories”.You get assighned a job in the ceromony of twelves.You get chosen by an elder.

       Therefor,you shouldn’t move to where Jonas’s lives.You would be happy just where you are.

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