Samuel Michigan

Dear Erick In Chicago,

Imagine a world without pain or death,that’s the world of Jonas.

You should live in Jonas community for several reasons.

First of all,there would be a safe enviroment for everyone.For example,all the citizens had been ordered to go into the nearest building and stay there.This shows shows that a airplane flew over the commmunity,so the government asked everyone to stay in a building for their safety.

Next,there would be no suffering in this community.For example,The Giver holds the true pain of life.This shows that no one feels pain because The Giver holds those memories.

Finally,there is no difference in Jonas community.For example,it’s very,very rare someone that has light eyes in this community.This shows that almost everyone in the community has dark eyes,so there would be no bullying of their skin,eyes,or something because they look exactly the same.

For these reasons,this is why you should live in this community.

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