Rasheik Gaddis Bowdoin

       We should live in a community like the one in The Giver because it is safer.People say that they want a safer enviroment.You should live in a community because you will be safer.

Reason one is The Giver the government will have more power than the community.The Elders have the power to give you a job at the age of 12.I used this quote to show how much powers the the Elders Reason 2,the area that they live in is safer then area we live in now.In the book it says that it is not rare to lose a child. When they say that it tells me that they watch ever one at all times so no one gets lost.The area doesn’t effects the people around it.Jonas got on his bike and went back to his dwelling.ever one in the area has a bike so there is no cars to pollute the air.So people in the area will not inhail burned gas.


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