Phoenix Michigan

Imagine a world with no love,no color,and no choices what so ever.
You should not move to jonas’s community because,for first love doesn’t exist,and people want to have colors,not shades and tints.
I know this because in the book “The Giver” Jonas says “But there were a few exeptions, Jonas himself and a femail five who had the lighter kind of eyes,” Jonas thought.
This is important because Jonas said(thought) that the she had a “lighter” kind of eyes not a color like light blue or green.
Secondly the mothers want to be able to see their children and care for them.

I know this beacause Jonas’s mother said “The birth mothers never even get to see the new born any way LilyBilly,” said mother.

This is important because she states that the mothers don’t get to see their own children.

Do you want to live in a world with no love,no color, and no choices what so ever,do you realy want to live there?

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