Nazaree Diaz University of Chicago

Dear Fernanda,

   Imagine yourself living in a world full of rules. You can’t choose anything because everything get’s chosen for you. That stinks!What really stinks is that there is no art, which means that there is no art,which i for one love most.Also,no more than two siblings per family and one has to be a male and another has to be a female,and most of all there is no such thing as love!Do you want a community like that?

    I believe we should NOT have a same community as Jonas in “The Giver”,because it would be the worst mistake we would ever make.If we make it happen then there would be no turning back.Once the decision it’s chosen it will stay.

    First, as i have said there is no such thing as love.In the quote,”No,no,she said,it’s just the pills,you’re ready for the pills.”That quote explained that once Jonas eats the pill,all of his feelings and love will dissapear and he won’t expierience that feelings ever again,which would take love away.You can find this quote in page 36 in “The Giver.”

    Second in mind,you can get released for one mistake.In the text it says,”Desperately,the pilot had been trying to make his way back before his error was noticed.”Needlessly,he would get released for one mistake.I believe me it’s not a good idea to have the same community as the giver.

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