Dear jonas,


Imagine you lived in a perfect world with no mistakes,no judgemant, and a safer enviroment.

With a safe enviroment it would be perfect.Iknow this because in the book The Giver there is a quote that says,”But like all parents-and people they didnt fight and wheedle for there turn.”This is important because there wont be any fighting and violence.

In a perfect world there will be no mistakes.In a quote in The Giverit says,”The pilot had made a mistake, needles to say he will we released.”This  is important because if you made a mistake you will be realeased and if your released your kicked out of the community.

In a perfect world people will never judge you.I know this because in a quote in The Giver it says,”We relinquished color when we relinquished sunlight and did away with all differences.”This is important because there is no differences so there is no judgement.

So would you want to live in a perfect worldwith no mistakes, or no crime, and a world with no judgement?Would this be your life.

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