Mercy Fuentes Cu

Dear Ms.Borre,

Imagine being in a place that you can’t do anything you want. You shouldn’t move to the “Community” because you don’t decide anything. First, you live with people who didn’t give birth to you. “Asher’s parents waited quite a long time to before appying for a second child.” This shows you have to APPLY for a second child you didn’t give birth too. Next, it’s way too much controled. “ATTENTION.This is a reminder to all the male elevens from the recreation area and that snacks are to be eaten not horded.”  That’s one of the “COMMUNITIES” rules but there’s more. Finally, the people in the “COMMUNITY” don’t know what the word animal means. “Neither child knew what the word animal maens exactly, but it was often used to describe someone uneducated or clumsy, someone who doesn’t fit in.” That shows that they don’t know what animals are or what the word means. This is why you shouldn’t move to the “COMMUNITY”. Maybe one day you could read the “Giver” and tell a friend if he/she should/ shouldn’t move to the “COMMUNITY.”

Sincerely, Mercy Fuentes


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