Melissa Ruiz- Bowdoin College


Dear Alex,


Imagine a world where there weren`t any choices and everything was under control. This world has no color or blood family. You should not move to the community of The Giver you can`t even leave your skateboard for two hours, and there you can only ride bikes also. You`d probably break a lot of rules and that`d get you released or if you don`t fix in you`ll released. “We have him in the extra care section for supply cementer nurturing, but the commities are beginning to talk about releasing him.” A baby that isn’t growing fast an of meat be released. You’d be assigned jods.” The Assignment continued and Jonas watched and listened. ” In the quote it states the their assignment jobs for the twelve years olds. Your children would be chosen for you and i don’t think you’d like that and your wife would be chosen for you too.”Two children-one male,one female-to each family unit.”There can only be two children and I`m pretty sure u want your own blood family.So,all on all you would hate to live in the community of The Giver and that`s why you should n `t move there.

P.S. There`s no video games.                            you friend,



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