Marina Ramirez University of Chicago

Dear Ms.Borre , 

      Imagine a world where everyone fits in ,no death , no tears , and most importantly no war . War  the man made invention that has caused us to turn against our own people . That a “perfect” world , and that’s the life you will have when you move to the community.

     To being everyone is the same , and no one feels different. “But the commite begins to talk about releasing ” What this means is when someone is different they release, or let go of them . Even children get released , only when they cry at night , dont gain weight and more things a perfect child is suppose to have. 


          Also there is no bad choices because there is rules , “There was never any comfortable way to mention or discuses ones success without breaking the rules against bragging .”What this means is that rules where invented to make everyone feel the same , by bragging .  



                                                                LOVE  :Marina Ramirez



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