malka Mejia:university of chicago

Dear friend,

                   Imagine having a perfect world everyone is the same you also get realesed when your old.First,there is no sickness.In jonas’s world there is no sickness ,so people get sick very easy.If people get sick and can’t cure themselves they will get realesed,”Fiona had told him recently that Larissa had had been realesed at a wonderful ceromony.

Second,there is no war.In Jonas’s world there is no war.In our world there is war,so there are violent people in our world,”Life here is so orderly so predictable-so painless.

Third,there is no color.In Jonas’s world there is no color,”The same size and shape a perfect sphere.”I say that it doesn’t really matter to have color as long as you know what the object is.In concluison,our world needs some changes to make it better now and in the future.



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