Jose vallejo CU

 Dear Enoch ,

   Imagine moving in the community with Jonas that has no war,no fear ,or pain .There are no choices .You should not because it is not a perfect world .

  First of all , we can not choice our jobs, family , and  actions .”He remember when his family received Lily,the day she was named ,the day she became a one .”The elders have to choice your family and job .Is it better to make your own chocie ?

  Second,so we do not have to suffer alot.”He could hear noises: the sharp crack of weapons- he perceived the word guns-and then shouts , and an immense crashing thud as something fell , tearing branches from the trees .”People always get hurt , but they say that there was no war .There was war before .

  Finaly,you have to follow the rules .You get release if you brike them .

2 thoughts on “Jose vallejo CU

  1. Dear jose,
    on thing you need to work on is grammar some of the words you put together were not proper grammar.Also Jonas should not be included because this is the whole community in general. One thing you did good on was the reasons. They were really convincing and i think they were really good. You gave quotes that were on point and matched up. So you just need to work on proper grammer and some adjustments with what you said about jonas.
    Vanessa garcia

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