Jesus Barragan ; University of Michigan

      Imagen you are in Jonas community.But you should not live in Jonas community and I have several reasons.

     First , you can’t pick your job only the Chief Elder can pick your job. In the book it said, “Or what if,”he went on almost laughing at the absurdity,”They close their own jobs”. You can’t pick your jobs like in our world.

     Next , you can’t pick what you want like bikes and other stuff.”But Jonas could see that Lily, though she seemed attentive, was looking longingly at the row of gleaming bicycles, wich would be presented tomorrow morning to the Nines and next year Lily-billy Jonas though.” This quote is like saying you can’t have what you want only at a certain age.

    Finally, there is no color.In the book it said, You’re beginning to see the color red.”You can hardly see colors because there is no colors.

     To Conclude , does are my reasons why you shouldn’t go to Jonas world.

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