Jennifer Perez University Of Michigan

Dear Vanessa,

Imagine being in a world with no color everything was black & white what a boring world.

First I think we should not be in Jonas world you have to work at the age of 12  & in our world  when your a teen you wanna enjoy that time & we should have a job until were in high school.

Second we should be able to love no matter what age you are ,for example in Jonas world you cant love & you have to take pills so that you wont feel pain & love In our world you could love who ever you would like .

Third you don’t have to wear the same thing as everyone else  & you would all have different hair for example each person has its own way of being.In Jonas world you have to look like every one else in town 

In Conclusion  I think we should keep our world the way it is the way it was ment to be .

Love Your friend ,Jennifer Perez






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