Jasmine CU

Dear Sam, 

 Imagine living in a place were everything is perfect. No more freedom and everything has a rule. You should not live in Jonas’s community because there is too many leaders. 

    First you should not live there because of all the rules. The text says, ” You always have to follow every rule.” If you don’t follow every rule you get released. In reality if you don’t follow the laws you get a consequence, and we don’t have that many rules anyway.

  Next his community is very perfect. The book says,” The only colors allowed are black and white. You must follow every rule.” First of all no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. The one thing that makes us unique is our color and all the colors around us. 

  Finally, if you live in his community then there goes your freedom. The text says,” No more choices and you will follow the rules.” We already understand we have to follow the laws. We’re not locked in a community that is horrible. 

  In conclusion Jonas’s community is not good at all. do you want to be stuck in a community like that? 



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