Haley Valdez Michigan

Dear friend,

    Imagine living in a place with no color,emotions, or a good childhood.You should not move to this community because it is very dull and has no point in it.

    First there is no colors or real emotions.It says,”The pale eyes.” This means they don’t have colors and they can’t really express their feelings.

   Next, people who live here are only allowed to have two kids.It states,”Two children -one male, one female-to each family unit.”When they say this it means people do not have the freedom to have as many of their own kids as they want.

     Finally, all children become adults when they turn twelve.When they speak to the twelves they say,”But today we honor your differences. They have determined your futures.” This means a job is chosen to every one when they turn twelve.And they don’t even get to choose their jobs!

        In conclusion, if you

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