Gerardo Michigan

Dear amigo,

Imagine a world without any color.  You shouldn’t move in, you have no opportunity to make your own choices. First, you have no control over the things you do. In the book it states, ” Then all the citizens had been ordered to go into the nearest building and stay there. ” In that quote it is saying that all the citizens were ordered to go into the nearest building. So that means that right away you have to do whats asked or you will be punished. Second, there is no color in this world. The book says, ” The pale eyes, almost every citizen  has dark eyes. ” In that quote it says the word ” pale ” it doesn’t mention any color. Jonas refers as to almost every citizen has dark eyes. Still, mentions no color. Third, there is no animals in this world. In the book it mentions, ” Lilly giggled at the strange word, ” hippo” she repeated, and put the comfort object down again.” In that quote, Lilly giggles at the word “hippo” as in she doesn’t  

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