Fernanda Bahena:Univisty of Chicago

        Dear Amy,  

    Imagine having a perfect community. Where you couldn’t do what you want to do because of those squishy sqaush rules. My friend shouldn’t go to the community because they don’t value love. First,they are not well educated in jobs.In the passage it states,”Well this was the part that  jonas couldn’t adequatly understand the apple changed.”This means to me that jonas doesn’t know what color means or what it is because their is no color in jonas’s community.Next they release babies even if they don’t do anything wrong. In the passage it states,”He isn’t growing as fast ashe should and he doesn’t sleep soundly,and release of new children was always sad because they hadn’t had a chance to enjoy the community yet.” This signify’s to me that when they don’t get a chance to enjoy the community and the nurtures put them in a special room to take care of them.Furthermore,we don’t  love or feel compassionate through people.In the passage it restates,”I think I was trying to convince her that she should get into the tub of water,and I wantedher to takeoff her clothes and getinto the tub.” 

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