Fabian Lopez University of Michigan

Dear Reggie,

               imagine living in a world where you cant choose your own spouse, less education, and have no pets or animals.

                 to start of is that Jonas’s world is not so perfect then our world here.in jonas’s world you cant choose your own spouse and what that means is that you cant choose who you want to be with.like you cant choose your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend and you don’t want to be alone for the rest of your  life do you?

                 second, in that world there is less education and you wont get to be whatever you want to be when your older.teachers wont be able to help you in school like they wont give you an example to a math problem.in his school you wont learn anything like reading, writing, math, or science.

                  finally, YOU CANT HAVE PETS OR ANIMALS IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! you wont have a dog, cat, gold fish nothing.if you live in this world you wont even know what an animal is…..     TO BE CONTINUED


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