Erick Martinez U of C

Dear friend,

       Imagine a world where you basicallyhave your whole life assigned. where you can not make fair decisions by your own. This sounds like the community from “The giver.” I think you shouldn’t move to the community becauseyou can’t make your own personal choices in life. First, you turn a year older the same day as everyone else. In chapters 1-9, it talks about how an assembly willsoon be held people turn a year older. It’s very weird turning older the same day everybody else. Second, you can’t choose the one YOU want to marry. In the book, Jonas talked about how people were perfectly paired up and married. The commitee literally chooses who you are force to marry. Finally, you don’t get the privalage to chooseyour job. In chapter 7, it talks about how the twelves get their jobs. The commitee, once again, chooses your personal lifestyle. Therefore, the community would not be a good place to move in because of the way they choose everything for you.


                                                                                                                                                Erick martinez

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