Enoch Sierra CU


Imagine being in a place where it’s all black and white,where there is something called the “released”

and you don’t come back.

No one should move to Jonas’s community because you don’t have your own life or choices.

The first thing,you don’t make your own DECISIONS in what you want in your life.

The giver (or receiver) and the commitie made rules like “there were always rules in our community,” Jonas says.

You can’t do almost anything around in the community it’s really hard living there.

Second reason,you could be released in the community.

If someone does something oumnis they’re getting released,or if a” baby really misbehaves or has alot of pounds about how much they weigh they also are getting released.”

Also if your riding a bike when your under nine maybe they can get released,too.

Last reason, you have to do what the commitie says,people in the commitie make speakers in everyone’s house…

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