Daniel Salinas Bowdoin

Dear, friend


Imagen the perfect world.There would be no pein,no emotions,no memoris,and no electronecs.So you not live in Jonasas comunity for severle resans.First,you can’t chose your family. You can’t chose your spows becaus they give them to you by how smart you are and stuff.Also you can’t chose your kids  they give them to you it is like you are addopting them and raising them and you only get two a boy and a girl.Second, you can’t cose your job so if you whant to be a nurterer you have to spend your volenter hours in the nurtering center and if you don’t you will get a differnt job.Finnely, there are  no memores .So you would not know your birth day ,what a animal is,pain feels likeno thing not even your birth mother.In conclution, do not live in Jonases comunity because if you do you would not see coler or t.v no music nothing.           

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