Cindy Garcia, CU

Dear Ms.Borre, 

    Imagine living in a black  and white world were you can`t expirence anything or do anythng for yourself. You should not think of moving here unless you want a boring life with almost nothing to look forward to. First, we have too many rules which most of them are pointless. In the text says, “Why do you think the visitors didnt obey the rules.” and “Do you think its possible that their rules are different.” This exlpains it because it says we have more rules than other communities. Second, we have no choices on who we marry, who we grow up to be, or even who our children are. In the text it states, “There are no choices. Everyone is assigned a role in the community.” Having choices is a way of life, everyone should be able to choose. Finally, if you do something wrong you are realeased. In the text it says, “Desperatly the piolot had been trying to make his way back before his error was notice, needless to say he will be realeased.” They realease the pilot because he acsedently did something wrong. In conclusion you should not move here because it is a terrible place. 


                                                                             Cindy Garcia

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