Bryan Enriquez, Bowdoin

Dear,Friend                                                                                                                                                              October 24, 2013


  Imagine living in a perfect world. That’s how it would be if you lived in Jonas’s world.You should live in Jonas’s world because there is no pain in any kind of way.      

      First reason, you won’t feel any physical pain.”The community is extraordinarily safe.” This quote is saying that it is very very rare for a loss of a child. 

     Second reason, there is no color in the community.”almost every citizen in the community has dark eyes.”This quote is saying that every citizen that has dark eyes can not see color.

      last reason, there is no hunger in the community .”Everybody receives a job.” this quote is saying that nobody is homeless so they are not starving.

     In conclusion, that’s why you should  go to Jonas’s town. Would you like to live in a town like Jonas’s with no pain, no hunger,and no color ?     




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