Ashley Lopez Aragon MICHIGAN

Dear Stephanie,

   Imagine you being in a world that changes to a diffrent one. kids like us should live in jonas world.

            First,if you have to live in jonas’s world you will have more responsabilitys  In th etext it states,’when jonas turns twelve he singled out to receive special training from the giver.’ This evedence shows that when someone turns twelve they have resposability to work or take care of kids.

           Then, You get to have rules. On page 68 it shows that you have rules,’Jonas resiver for memory.’ This shows that in jonas’s town you have rules.Also at the bottom of the page 68 its says,’ You may lie .’ think aboujt that when you ready the giver or the rest of this story.

           Finally, In the final text it states,’jonas’s world is perfect everything is under control their is  no war or pain or fear.’ In this qoute it shows that in jonas’s world their is no pain. 

           In Concution, keep thinking about you living in jonas’s world and how its changes to a diffrent one. Also who you have rules, more responsabilitys ,also no pain in jponas’s world its a PERFECT world.


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