Antonio Brunetti ,University of Michigan

Dear, Tony

        Move into our community.Asap, yeah now! You should move in because it’s a very safe enviorment . It’s a very nice and peaceful community. Also it’s a very clean community you would’nt believe how clean our community is.

         First, it’s a very safe enviroment.It’s like bad does’nt exist here. We even keep doors unlocked because it’s simply safe. We have plenty of rules to keep every body safe. And if certain people do not behave or do something wrong the will be sent to the department of justice and the judge will decide if he will get released.

         Second, it’s a very nice and peaceful community. There are no disturbents. And evry body has a job at a certain time and a certain location. Also no loud annoying cars. We ride bikes here. Think about how there is no pollution in the are it’s better for your health.

          Third, it’s a very clean place. It’s so clean your not even aloud to hoard food. You have to eat it when it’s given to you

           Make the move what do you say Tony.


                                                                                                                    Tony JR.





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