Alejandro Michigan

Dear friend,

         Imagine that you live in Jonas’s community,you wouldn’t have the right to choose. I prefer that you shouldn’t live in Jonas’s community. First, you can’t have a certain feeling for others. My evidence is ,” Very briefly, a little guilty, he tried to grasped it back, but the feelings are gone.” In this text it states that Jonas’s stirrings had to be erased. Next, all the people look the same. My evidence is ,” Almost all the citizens in the community has dark eyes.” In this text it states how every one looks the same by no color. You can’t show your unique personality. Finally, your childhood is shorter. My evidence is,” As one eleven has passed over when the Assignments were given. In this text it states that when your eleven, you  get an Assignment and now you are an adult. In conclusion, you shouldn’t live in Jonas’s community because you can’t choose as if your opinions and ideas are invalid. Would you live in this community?

                                                                                                              Sincerly, Alejandro 


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