Adriana Marquez University of Chicago

Dear Awsome Reader,                                                               

Imangin being in a world where you have no love and no choice. Please don’t move to ”The Community” because the rules are not fair at all. First, they asign your job at the age of twelve. When you turn twelve with other kids you are consiter a grown up. ”Well, its the last ceremonies as you know. After twelve, age isn’t important, most of us lose track of how old we are as time passes.”( page 17 of the giver) Next, there is no love in ” The Community.” Also when you are the age of elven and twelve you have the stirrings. ” Well, this was the part that he couldn’t aequately understand – the apple had changed.” ( page 24 of the giver)

After that , they also put you in a family unit. You don’t even know your real family, they just put you with a family they just put you with a family you don’t even know. ” He  remembered his mother taking the newchild, his sister in to her arms , while the document was read to the assbled family unit. Newchild twentey-three the namer had read ”lily.” ( page 13 of the  giver).



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