Dear Kiona,   Imagine being held by a world with no love,no color,and rules you have to follow and also listen or else you get in big trouble.   And l think that you will not like as much as this world is.these are the rules,you have to listen,and i just saying that these are rules that you can and can not have in Jonas world.Because that’s how the rules are in Jonas world.   First,somebody loves other people,and i think you like or love someone because alot of people have their own crush and stuff like that.But in Jonas world you cant because its the against the rules but the only thing you can have it’s the opposite of love.And that is like you can only like someone as a friend not (you know what) “foe me that is just mess up”.    Next,THERE IS NO COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How there possibly be no color.”im just going to say that your hair is going to have to be the same,you have to wear the same clothing but you know the girls and stuff like that”.And you dont want to go there.

      Finally,you have to follow.I know there are rules you need to follow anyways,but those are rules to protect you,and they also care about you.For example your dad,mom,grandma anything like that.But in Jonas world there are diffrent rules than the ones here. 

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