When I went to Michigan by:Llalonie ford from bowdion

I went to Michigan to visit my aunt and uncle.Michigan is pretty the beach is so pretty and hot but the water is nasty cause i was swimming and the water tastes like salt water.  I was happy because it was my first plane ride.The clouds looked so pretty that they looked like white snow.I was scared a little because i was in the sky so high.we got off the plane there was a lot of flowers on he side line.We went in side then we met then we got lunch.Next we went home and got in the shower and  went on a boat and it was fun.And my sister was not sitting down and she  fell out I was laughing because she was being mean to me.Then she came back up and said she saw a dead fish.Finally we went home I didn’t wont to leave then they called and said did you guy have fun and we said yes and we wish we were there still there

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