waves not just for lil kids by: Carlos Prieto

   Swish! Spash! “hang on” said my Elian “where going on a ride!”.How did this chaos begin you ask? well it was on the sandy shore of Cancoon, Mexico. I was on the shore minding my own bissnuss when all of a sudden my cousin,Elian< came up to be with a spark in his sprint. “hey, are you gonna stay?”. I thought to my self stay!? we had barly arrived yesterday at Cancoon.”well um ofcourse for 2 weeks my dad said” I exclaimed.My cousin looked at me with a wierd face “um… i mean when the waves come, you know the grand bash its in about… in a couple of min-” “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.  “oh no!”said my cousin hang on. sound familiar doesn’t it? well lets see how it goes ok.

Elian grabs my arm and we run in the deep depths of the cold salty ocean. He quikly tells me to go under the wave if im tired.  i had already been tired chasing my lil nephew up and down the hills. Anyways i see the first huge wave then i see my life flash before my eyes.  its about 12 yards away coming at like 1 billion miles per second. I think to myse- Spash!!! then!!!!!!!!!   … to be continued!! :I

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