Once upon a time my family,certain as my parents ,my cousin,my two brothers and i were on vacation.My dad said we all should go to a lake near the mountains because it was so hot outside like a hot potato.Also we where going to invite one of my cousins to the lake.I can seethe big mountains near the lake i couldn’t wait to be there in the cold water swimming.We got a beautiful place to do our picnic even we brought our volley-ball court so we can play a revenge.In our place where we were going to do our picnic they were two big trees  around us that is why we got almost the whole shade for us.We were having fun until know.

                    In the middle,my cousin,my brothers,and i were getting rocks for our fish.Also we were tossing the rocks to the lake.My parents were siting down including they were splashing each other because my mom splash my dad and that is why the splashing game started.Also we went to go and change……..TO BE CONTINUED

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