time I learned to boogie-board

Do you know that special place that just wont get out of your head? One day my mom took my whole family to the beach. Since my cousins have boogie-boards they took theirs with them, I convinced my cousin to let me try. Her greedyness finally went away. As I lay on the sand I think “that looks fun i want to try that.”  I get in to the water and yell ” there’s a big wave coming let me try it.” 

      They went to shore and gave me the board. As I was in the water putting the ankle brace thing around my leg, without seeing the huge wave coming, I looked up and………….. WOOSH!!!!!!  The water takes me away. First it hits me in the face and then it pulls me in. As I went for air I noticed that everyone looked so small………..(to be continued) 

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