BOOM CRASH STRIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was night a very cold night.My sister and I was watching T.V trying to go to bed because we had to go to school tomorrow.Next door,was my grandma she was on the computer on Facebook playing one of her games.My mom barely got home so she grab a snack went up stairs and got ready for bed until………  Thats we it all happen!!!!!!!!!

My mom didn’t realized that my dad couldn’t breathe.So when my mom turned around,she could finally realized that my dad couldn’t breathe.And so she called 911!!!!!!!!!.So she went to my grandma room and told her EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!She didn’t want to wake us up because she didn’t want to know what had happen to my a minute or so the AMBULANCE came and so then the police came later!!!! ……to be countinue    

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