The snow day ~ mamine doumbia

Have you had one of a life time ending experience  well i have. One day i woke up and it was snowing it was so beautiful out. Then i put one 500pounds  worth of clothes so i didn’t get cold but of course i did . Since i lived on the 6th floor i took the elevator down to the 4th floor to go and get my friends , then we raced down the stairs and we all fall  but we thought it was funny .We got outside and we started making snow man. My friend Andrea came and ran into the snow man , and she knocked it down ,i was mad for a little but i then got over it ,i thought i can make another one.Well i didn’t .We started making snow angles were wear making a lot of noise and ruckus ,that we could not hear the manger using the snow blower ,and we didn’t see him we were just a few seconds away from getting lifted up with the snow. that was one of my most serious moments in my life ,i could have died R.I.P i have learned a good lesson to always be  on a look out for my surroundings …… be continued    

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