The river: Samantha Peinado

Had you ever made a mistake that you could take back? To begin with, my family and i are going to the mountains, but first we have to pick up our nice and cool cousins Josy and Sofia. 1 hour passes we made it to the mountains (the mountain river.) When we got out of my green car i heard my dad say, ” The river is to fast and dangerous.” Josy and i was really sad . We felt like this trip was over.


                                     Paragraph 2

But,  Josy got an idea ” We should grab our boat and go secretly to the river.”    “Yea!” i said. so Josy and i  sneeked to the car and grabbed our yellow blue boat. As soon as we got to the very fast river we placed the boat on the river. We were going fast but safe   until a rock hit us, we flipped over.


                                                   Paragraph 3

As soon as the boat flipped over all i know we were drowning. The water went faster and faster, we were still in the water! I could feel that josy………( TO BE CONTINUED)


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