The Drought- Mohammad Besharat

   It’s a 120 degrees fahrenheit drought. If you ever lived in the valley of Mari-Abad (Quetta,Pakistan) you know how harsh life is there. Barely enough food. Only the luckiest people have water. My cousin,Abbas, is a stubborn little kid who gets everything he wants but, over all he can be a really good kid.

   ” I’m drinking it all!” Yelled the stubborn little kid Abbas.

   ” don’t drink it all!” I cried.

   ” I’m done.” Abbas said confidently. It was a hot day during a drought in Pakistan, when Abbas drank what was left of our water.

   ” Get out.” Yelled everyone. Abbas ran out in anger. We heard him going into the kitchen. Bam! Abbas slammed the refrigerator door. He lingered into the hot road, when he saw his friends playing. I got went out there with a stick. I threatened to hit him , but he hit me. I got really angry. I started hitting him lightly on the leg but…..( To be continued)



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