“The Boat Ride” by:Kanara Pittman

This is the time me and my family went to this place called the keah Boardwalk. the  keah Boardwalk is a really fun place filled with rides,restaraunts,and more. at the Keah Boardwalk, my family and I went on this boat ride. The person who was driving the boat said that it was a smooth,calm,boat ride,so when the boat started to speed up,everyone got very confused. It turns out,the boat driver actually tricked us into thinking that it was a boat ride. It was NOT a boat ride. It was a SPEED boat ride! Water splashes everywhere! Everyones clothes and hair are completely SOAKED,including their cellphones. Both of my uncle’s phones got wet and broke! He was very angry and son were we. But,besides the “joke”, everyone had a great time,especially me!! We also learned a valuable lesson- “NEVER trust a grinning boat driver”

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