Snow is my Life

 When I was born on November 17, 2001, it snowed. When I opened my eyes for the very first time, (guess what happened) it snowed. Snow had been a important geographiocal thing that has happened to me. It snowed every single time I achived something.

  When I was 4 or 5 years old, I climbed my first mountain. It snowed at the second I reached the point (ironic right?). I did lots of things in the snow. I made Snow Angels, Snowman and giagantic fortresses of snow. I also stayed inside too because it was too cold! It has affected me because it happened a lot and  I always expected it.

  I always have loved snow. I grew up with it. It has also made me who I am. Snow has made me friends and it has also lightened my spirit. Colorado and its physical features are my home and I will always love it here. It is perfect for snow and adventure!

  P.s. Thx for reading!                                                                            Gtg bye!

By: Luis Hernandez
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