Second day at balarat -Melissa Ruiz

We were packing for the six mile hike. Balarat last year we were packing water,coat,and a swelter. Marlene`s bed was next to my bed Priscilla`s bed was in front and Victoria was on the top bunk our teacher Ms.Wolf was upstairs . Me and Victoria were drawing and telling jokes will everyone else changed into their daily clothes.                                                                                                                                  

“Okay girls lets go lets go!!” Announst Ms.Wolf. “Come on the boys are waiting for us to go eat breakfast!!” The girls hurried to put on their shoes on, my friends and i walked into the line out side waiting and waited for everyone else. Finally, everyone came outside and got in line and the teachers lead us to breakfast. After breakfast we lines up again and walked up to the cabin. Then, we got ready for the ….. to be continued.

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