One Scary Night- Cindy Garcia

One of the scariest days of my life all stared on a grey, gloomy day. Outside my window were gray skies and rough winds. Slowly a terrible hail storm started to form. I could hear the hail pounding on the window and walls. Next I hear the tornado warning roar through the wind. Looking out my window I could see whirls of grey clouds spinning out of control. Suddenly every things goes black, the power was out. 

As I looked around my room in confusion, I realized that the storm had knocked out the power. I quickly ran down the stairs to find my parents looking out the window. We all looked at each other wondering how long the storm would last. As I walked over to the couch i noticed the Bella, my dog, was no where to be found. Urgently I looked in every inch of the house and there was still no sigh of her. As I walked down the the stairs I heard a loud CRASH!!……………(to be continued) 

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