My trip to Royal Gorge Bridge ,Azzul Victoria

      “Oh my gosh when r we goign to get there!” My head hurts and i feel kind of sick because of all the twist and turns.”we are going to take a while to actualy get there Azzul ” I  said to my sealf. I was so board and if looked out of the window your head would hurt just like mine.Well we where on our way to Royal Gorge Bridge and you would feel like that so it was kind of normal.Some time passed “are we there yet” I asked my dad and of course he said “NO”.

        We finally got there and it was verry hot,and we did not now witch way to go or where to start first .So we asked for a map or for some thing to help us.We diceded to go to all the way up.It took a while, was not that fun but….to be continued

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