My Pinky Finger (How I Fell) BY: Bianca St-Julien

This one afternoon i was hanging with my friends. We were playing and going down a dirt ramp. My brothers were there too. It was the worst day EVER!

I got my bike and went down the ramp. My youngest brother got on his friends bike and went down the ramp so fast he fell and i went right behind him. When I saw him fall tried to slow down and couldn’t control my speed and fell right behind and him. I got up and grabbed his bike. When I saw my pinky finger bleeding I dropped the bike and ran.

I ran because my pinky finger was bleeding and the nail came out. Ewww I didn’t want to see that. Well once I ran to my house. My big brother ran with me to the house. Once i got there i washed my finger and blood just kept on falling. My auntie called my dad to tell him what happened and he came quickly and bought some bandages for my finger. For that whole day i didn’t eat eat all I did was sleep. Thanks for reading my real life story.

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