My Arm – Gerardo Alvarez

On a Friday afternoon there was a tragic accident. I was bored and felt like riding my bike. So i decided to go to the skate park. I got ready and opened the garage to get my bike out.

As I was riding to the skate park, I noticed the clouds were darker then usual. When i got there, I rode around, got on the ramps. Then, i remembered a stunt that i was planning back at home. The stunt was to ride down the hill that’s right next to the park, catch some speed and jump on a ramp which would take me in the air and land on a piece of concrete. Well i got ready to perform the stunt, i went to the hill and started to ride down it. As i got closer and closer  to the ramp, i noticed the clouds were even more dark…. ( TO BE CONTINUED.)..

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