Balarat! -Priscila Rodriguez

     Exitment. Exitment was the only definition any other person but a 5th grader could describe us. All the 5th graders were talking about balarat. There was only 1 day before balarat. You might be asking what balarat might be….?! Balarat was a 2 night and 3 day trip. It was up in the mountains. We were going to go with our 5th grade teachers and our classmates, We already predicted it was going to be fun. We would take extra clothes and everything else we needed. Our teachers told us everything about it. But MOST of us were upset because we weren’t  going to be able to take a shower! But i think everyone got over that. But it seemed like no one got over that tomorrow was going to be fun time at balarat!


         Today was the day. All the students brought their packages and their other needs. I could see their gigantic smile on  their faces. We all looked soo exited. The classroom was filled with parents. They didn’t seem that happy like us. Now there was about 1 hour before we left Green Valley Ranch. The teachers were ready too. As the class talked about how fun it would be we were crazy. After my teacher gave us instructions in for the bus. As we got in the bus….to be continued 



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