A Personal Story-Mariana Sanabria

Have you ever had a family member die all of the sudden?  5 years ago i started the 1st grade. It was the same as all mornings, our parents drop us off, pick us up. Well this day was different. My mom drooped us off at school. After 7 hours of learning the school bell rang. My cousin’s mom came to our classroom, and signed us out. As we walked to my mom’s truck, we heard my mom crying. As we were taking our seats, I asked,”Mom porque estas llorando?Mom why are you crying?” About 10 minutes later she answered,”Your great-grandmother died.” I couldn’t believe it. Last year when I graduated from kindergarden, we went to El Salvador to visit my great-grandmother. She looked fine. But, the only thing that was wrong is that we had to yell into her ear, in order for her to hear us. I comforted my mom in any way  I could. When my mom finally stopped crying we drove to the store to buy a candle to light up and leave it in the kitchen until it burns out.       1 year later after my great-grandmother died……my great-grandfather died too.    Even though i didn’t know my great-grandparents that much, I still loved them so much.

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