“Vicky push faster” I yelled.

   On a sunny afternoon in 2004, when my family and I were playing outside with our bikes. Just then, my mom comes sprinting out.

   “A tornado alert came on come inside” she ordered.

   So, we put our bikes away and ran inside. Ding! Dong! My mom ran to the door it was our neighbor.

   “Mari nos podemos quedar en tu basement” (“Mari may we stay in your basement”) they asked

   “Por su puesto” (“Of course”) my mom answered. 

   They came in and we all dashed to the basement. Vicky grabbed my baby brother and i held on to my sister Lucy. When we heard the basement door close Vicky started to count everyone was there except my mom!

   “Mom” I yelled.

   “I think she stayed upstairs” my neighbors oldest daughter said. 

   “I saw her go to your room” she told me. 

   My mom was videotaping the tornado through my bedroom window. Just then we all could feel the house shaking. It felt like someone was throwing rocks at our house. My mom threw the camera and raced down the basement. BOOM! The basement door slammed closed and my mom came racing down….


                                                        To be continued 

                                                     Jael Mirella Carbajal


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